I'm here to teach you how to support your gut, hormone, and immune health and help you regain your life back.
I utilize functional lab testing to get to the root cause of why you're feeling unwell, eradicate issues that are getting in the way, rebuild and rebalance your nutrient levels, and help tweak your lifestyle so that your health issues don't relapse!

Let's get your healing journey started!

Hi! I'm Vika...


I am an integrative health practitioner with a bachelors of science in neuroscience, masters in healthcare administration, and additional training in integrative health and functional medicine.

I’ve overcome many of my own health struggles that started at a young age and have been on a mission to learn more about the field of holistic and functional medicine so that I can help others to revitalize their own health too.

Click the ‚Äúwork with me‚ÄĚ tab to learn more about my services to reach your wellness goals! Feel free to reach out with any questions as I‚Äôd be happy to discuss how I can support you!

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How I can support you:


One-on-One Programs

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Self Guided Products

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Who I help...


Anyone who is looking for a holistic perspective towards feeling better in your body: 


I work with men and women get to the root of their health issues by utilizing functional medicine labs, nutritional supplements, herbal protocols, and dietary and lifestyle coaching.


My expertise is in digestive, hormonal, and immune imbalances, along with mindset changes.

*As a disclaimer, I do not diagnose or treat disease. Instead, I utilize functional labs and teach you how to rebalance and improve your health using a combination of Ayurvedic, naturopathic, functional medicine, and other holistic recommendations.

Is this you?

  • Have been feeling bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable
  • Poor mood, irritable, or anxious
  • Recurrent infections or seasonal allergies
  • Sleep problems 
  • Regular joint pain, muscle aches, or fatigue
  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • "Just don't feel like myself!"

 You’re in luck!  




Many people have been in the same position as you and have been able to feel a lot better, including myself, and I can help you too.


While there are many joys to modern day, there are also many stressors that have made it hard to stay healthy. This includes nutritional deficiencies, high work or personal stress, exposure to toxins, a poorly functioning gut, or even pathogens like parasites that often go unnoticed in conventional medicine. We will work to figure out what your specific triggers were to your health issues and support them, so that you can enjoy a full life again. Do you want to find out how?

Yes! I'm ready!


Get more insight on my background and how I do things differently



Get to know my background and why I chose to pursue the field of holistic health care.




Options I offer include one on one consulting service packages or self guided tools.



See what I recommend from the best quality nutritional supplements, non toxic products, and other supportive wellness products.


Client Testimonials


Gut Improved

When I started working with Vika, my life changed instantly. My stomach issues got better, I had more energy and my mood was a lot better. She is very knowledgeable on a lot of holistic topics and I would recommend her to anyone trying to better their life.


Chronic Migraines

Working with Vika is a warm experience. I have come to her with chronic migraines and certain ailments that have been causing me reoccurring issues. She is a very thoughtful listener and provided me with actionable steps to tackle the root causes of these issues, as opposed to only managing the symptoms. I love her holistic approach to healthcare, as it has helped me break patterns and live a happier life!


Seasonal Allergies

For over 15 years I was struggling with a seasonal allergy and specifically with gaining weight during the allergy season. Traditional medications such as Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, were not taking care of all my symptoms contributing to the weight gain. Vika helped me to find a natural substitution (Histpro) that helped with my seasonal allergy and I did not gain any weight this spring.


Gut Health + Lower Back Pain

I sought Vika’s expertise to address concerns ranging from gut health and sleep improvement to inflammation and lower back pain.

I highly recommend Vika for her transformative, holistic approach to gut, physical and mental health. She not only addressed my specific health concerns with personalized care but also went above and beyond by providing invaluable nutrition tips.

Her guidance has not only improved my overall well-being but also given me the essential connections to perform at my best both at work and in life.

"I am so grateful to have met you 8 years ago almost. You have helped me make so much sense of everything.


Thank you so much for putting so much thought and connecting the dots. No one was willing to ask about my stress or hear my inner dialogue to see what could be further happening." 





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